Established in 1983

About CASA Foundation of Las Vegas

About CASA Foundation

The CASA Foundation of Las Vegas was established in June 1983 to promote and support the efforts of the Clark County CASA Program by providing fundraising, volunteer recognition, program assistance, and public relations activities. Over the years, the CASA Foundation of Las Vegas has added another component to their mission and that is to address the children’s special and other needs not provided for through other means. This includes items such as medical needs, transportation costs for visits with family members, summer camp, sports, music lessons, and tutoring. The CASA Foundation of Las Vegas is committed to making a difference in the lives of children in foster care in Southern Nevada.

Supporting the CASA Program

In furtherance of our mission, we support the CASA Program in many ways and in particular by aiding in recruitment and retention of volunteers. Through our community connections, the Program is able to seek out volunteers within the community and build relationships that provide opportunities for volunteers and their CASA kids. Additionally, we commit to funding for activities that aid in retention of volunteers including training and recognition.

Providing Great Opportunities for Children in Foster Care

Foster youth often do not get to take part in activities and opportunities that most kids take for granted. Participating in an extracurricular activity can be beyond a child in foster care’s reach. The result is that many youth in care not only feel different and separate from their peers, they miss out on opportunities and experiences that allow them to build skills and relationships. All children in care want to be treated like “normal” kids. Experiences to achieve “normalcy” include participating in various activities such as school events, camps, sports music and the like. The goal is to ease the stigma that affects many foster youth and help smooth their path to adulthood through social and other experiences.

The Mission

The mission of the CASA Foundation of Las Vegas is to promote and support the Clark County CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Program and to address the unmet needs of abused and neglected children in foster care in Clark County, NV.

Southern Nevada/Clark County

  • There are more than
    3,400 CHILDREN in foster care
  • On average children in foster care spend MORE THAN 1 YEAR in care


The Problem: An Overwhelmed System.

  • The child welfare system is in a state of crisis, due in part to the devastating opioid epidemic.
  • 1,900 children are victims of abuse or neglect every day.
  • 5,274 documented abused and neglected children in Nevada.
  • More than 4,400 children are in Nevada’s foster care system on any given day.
  • Children spend an average of 13.2 months in care.

Your support will provide a safer atmosphere for children in need.


Make a Difference




CASA Foundation was established to support the CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Program and to identify and fund the individual needs of abused and neglected children in foster care in Clark County.

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